Improve Energy Efficiency with Home Automation

Improve Energy Efficiency with Home Automation

Posted by Rachel Fung on Sunday, February 10th, 2019 at 10:41am.

Home automation allows you to use smart technology to control and monitor your home’s systems including lighting, thermostat, blinds, home security, audio and video. Controlling your lights and blinds with a touch of a button might seem like something out of science fiction, but with some smart programming, it can help you save substantially on energy and your utility bills. 

Control your home’s systems from anywhere in the world.

Did you leave for work and forget to turn off a light? No problem! You can check and switch off your lights from your smart phone or computer. You can also control systems like heating, cooling and plumbing from any remote location.

You might already have a programmable thermostat that turns the heat down during the day when you’re at work and at night when you’re sleeping. If your schedule changes, overriding that program can be a hassle. With home automation, you can easily tell your system that you are coming home early, or that you’re leaving home, and it will turn your thermostat to the most efficient temperature.

Home automation allows you to monitor energy use.

When you install home automation in Edmonton, you can have monitors installed that will collect and provide data on your electricity usage for the entire home and/or specific devices. Knowing how you’re using energy and what devices or appliances are heavy-users can help you adjust your habits to improve efficiency. For example, maybe it’s time to replace your washer and dryer with higher efficiency models because they are using way too much energy.

In some areas, your local electricity company will charge you a higher rate at peak times during the day and lower rates for non-peak usage. Armed with this knowledge, you can set your heavy energy-using appliances to run during non-peak hours.

Home automation can control systems, even when you forget.

Just because you can turn off your lights, heating and cooling system or draw the blinds from any where in the world, doesn’t mean you’ll always remember to do that. Your home automation system can be installed with motion sensors that will turn things like lights, televisions and music off when the room is empty. This prevents wasting energy and money.

Things like video game consoles, cable boxes, computers, televisions and other electronics can still use energy if they are plugged in, even when they are turned off. Don’t worry about trying to unplug these devices when you’re not using them. Your home automation can come with smart power bars that will cut power to these energy-sucking devices when you turn them off.

Home automation is no longer considered a high-end luxury for the very rich. Working with a home automation company, you can customize a home automation system with the features you want according to your lifestyle and budget. Maximize your home’s energy efficiency with a touch of a button and use this smart technology to cut down on your energy bills. Learn more about how to make your home more energy efficient.

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